PHP is commonly used by people who want to build a simple, dynamic website quickly and effortlessly. Since its debut in 1995, it’s become an extremely popular choice for web developers. So popular, in fact, that roughly 80% of all websites use it now, including many Fortune 500 companies and top technology startups. By the end of this track, you’ll have basic programming knowledge to build your first PHP websites.

Powering nearly 70% of websites, PHP has emerged as the most preferred & widely used server-side language, which is the pertinent option for feature-rich website development!
The millions of sites empowered by PHP are the testament to its growing popularity as well as user-friendliness. It has a massive impact on developing innovative websites and enhance their functionality. PHP web development enables you to attain ingenious website that helps your clientele identify your goods and services.
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Storefront Design
Theme Customization
Get fully-customizable themes with built-in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Checkout Customization
Customize every inch of the checkout experience with a server-to-server checkout API and SDK.

Mobile Optimization
Make your site mobile-responsive from homepage to checkout with any BigCommerce theme.

Preview Before Publishing
Use the Stencil CLI tool to develop, test and push changes in a local environment without downtime.

WordPress Integration
Build your site on WordPress with full back-end platform enablement from BigCommerce for WordPress.