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In this World, the wedding is one of the best occasions that happen in human’s life. The wedding is not only a great day for the groom and bride but also for their loved ones. Wedding photography has become more popular among people as they are the best way to take beautiful moments to the future. Hence, you should invest in the right photo editing company to have amazing photos.

Outsource020india wedding photo editing company

Outsource020India is a leading wedding photography company nestled under the city of Bangalore, Karnataka. We have years of experience in offering the best solutions for the wedding photo editing. Our company has acquired a great reputation in the midst of people for our quality of service.

Our company possesses a dedicated team of professionals with good knowledge and experience in the wedding photo editing service. The main aim of our company is to provide support for our clients in their need and meet customer satisfaction. So, we give more importance to the customer’s requirements and deliver the project before the given date.

Outsource020india wedding photo editing services


Photo Culling Services

For the photo culling process, we gather information regarding the service and understand your requirements. Our professionals go through the various images that are provided by the clients and select the best images from it. also, we remove unwanted photos and provide the best ones.


Raw Image Conversion

Raw image conversion is one of the time-consuming processes in which our experts convert them into a specific file format. We make use of the advanced software to complete the process successfully.


Photo Retouching Service

Our company experts carry out retouching process to give you the stunning images. We utilize various techniques to change the tones; eyes, lips, nose, hair, teeth whitening, blemish removal, masking, etc.


Portrait Photo Retouching

Portrait photo retouching is the major part of the wedding photo editing service in which we customize the images according to the client request. We improve the makeup and skin tones of the subject to create the portrait in a better way.


Background Removal

The wedding photographs that are taken in different places may have an unclear background. In such a case, we change the background of the wedding photographs with specific software.


Advanced Image Editing

The advanced image editing process is a unique way to make wedding photos more stylish. We correct the appearance of the subject by removing the wrinkles, blemishes, acne, dark spots and still more. In addition to this, our company experts alter the body shapes, removes the spots on the dress, etc. to give the professional editing.


Wedding Album Designing

After the completion of the wedding photo editing service, we undergo the album designing process. Albums are the best way to safeguard your wedding photos and enjoy the beautiful moments altogether.


Video Editing Service

Video editing is a long process in which we tend to edit each portion with much care. Our team of professionals takes the support of advanced video editing techniques and completes the process as per the client’s requirements.

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These are the common wedding photo editing services that are handled at Outsource020India. If you are satisfied with our company you can take the wedding photo service by sending


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